This article is the continuation of our previous post, 3 tools towards finding your positioning (part 2 – Lean Canvas).

3. Storytelling.

Storytelling is the art of telling stories, this technique is very valuable for marketing especially if you are in the stage of entrepreneurship as it allows defining a series of attributes such as the personality of the brand, its tone of voice, its way of seeing itself, its preferred communication channels, etc., from an early stage that will allow you to implement an effective communication and marketing plan that build your brand towards that desired position in the mind of the consumer with each initiative you take. The power of stories is simple, stories are memorable and timeless, but above all they have a very high power of emotional connection, since humans have used them from the moment we use language to communicate, it could be said that we are built to better receive the information if it is given to us in the form of a story.

But how to find your ranking using storytelling? Storytelling is closely related to the history of the company, finally your struggle or the struggle of the people involved in the project, their desires, their desires to change the rules of the game, they are the type of desires that humans constantly have, but that very few of us risk hunting, so knowing that a brand does it so that we, others, its audience, do not have to live the experiences that the brand or its founders lived, or that we can simply solve one or more problems Each time they are presented to us, it creates a bond of admiration and respect that transcends monetary value and gives meaning to the brand in the mind and especially in the heart of the consumer.

It is precisely the reason for being of your company that gives a position to your brand. Recently, Mohanbir Sawhney, professor at the Kellogg School of Management, visited our country within the framework of the Wobi World Business Forum, who was in charge of a talk called: Driving growth through the power of stories. In one of his interviews, Sawhney posits the following question, which in our opinion is the easiest way for you as an entrepreneur to find your Marketing positioning:

Why did you enter the business?

Every great story begins with a character and every great character has a purpose, a goal, a desire, that desire is what drives him and that desire defines his actions, likewise positioning works when you create a story for your brand, your brand is one of the characters in a complex story that includes everyone involved with the project, your clients, your suppliers, to the government, and he becomes one of the main characters by overcoming all the obstacles that appear along the way between him and his great final goal.

When your audiences know about your search, they immediately feel connected and willing to help you, be it as clients, sponsors or participants of that search.

These are the three tools you can use if you are in trouble while you find the ideal positioning for your brand. If this series of posts was useful to you and you want to continue receiving tips and news about brand building, entrepreneurship and storytelling, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter.


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