Why hire a digital marketing agency?

why hire a digital marketing agency

Why hire a digital marketing agency?

Here are some reasons on why hire a digital marketing agency. Today all people and businesses that want to prosper have at their disposal the tools to make themselves known.

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However, with so much competition using the same tools, standing out is getting more and more intricate.

We say intricate because we do not want you to think that it is something complicated, just more and more variables come into play.

The rules of the game are constantly changing and the landscape of current tools is changing rapidly.

Take for example, the phenomenon that is being Tik-Tok that did not exist a couple of years ago.

This puts both, companies and people in the need to allocate resources in order to do digital marketing.

Well, that is if they want to get a market share that allows them to operate and meet their economic expectations.

A situation that in most cases implies having 2 basic elements of a digital presence.

Assuming you already have a corporate image or logo at least:

1. A website

2. Presence in at least 2 social networks

So far nothing too complicated, since there are many solutions that allow you to create your own website.

Only the first barrier is learning to use these tools.

Develop your own website.

If you have basic programming knowledge you are in a better position than others.

Still, if your product is not technological, you will sacrifice its progress by investing part of your time on your site.

Perhaps you can count on a friend, family member or associate willing to help you get your website live.

In that case we always recommend that you do not look for this to be something free.

We know that undertaking this is expensive but time is also very valuable and projects that are not paid tend to be relegated by projects that represent an economic benefit.

So remember that if you want your business to see the light, it is best to do it with a professional.

This is one of the reasons on why hire a digital marketing agency.

By now you will have solved only one of the 2 basic parts of a digital presence.

But what about your social media presence?

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Create and manage your social media.

Actually creating an account on social networks should not be difficult for anyone today.

However, there are reasons for needing help, such as not having software to create profile pictures.

Likewise, the basic setup of a social media page shouldn’t be a difficult challenge.

You only need to design a profile image and a cover image, which ideally will be something that identifies your company.

Of course the most used representation is your company logo or an abstraction of it, such as capital letters.

Although alternatively, many companies use this image to communicate a value proposition.

At the same time, you should consider how the cover image will look on desktop computers, tablets and cell phones.

The rest of the basic setup of a social network is simply about making it easier for people to find you.

So you must enter as much information as possible about your company, such as your website, telephone number and address.

Congratulations, you now have a website and a couple of network accounts, we could say that you already have a digital presence.

Now that you have your own communication channels, the next question is: what to do with them?

Create content

If you want to grow and allow more and more customers to find you, what you must do is create content.

You must create as much content as possible, both for your website and for your social networks.

Maybe you’ve ever heard the phrase: Content is King.

This means not only that you must be able to create content, but you must be able to create content to the same extent or volume that your competition does.

Creating content is a task that has a complex process, whether you create it or hire someone.

This means that you will have to assign a time or economic resource again for that work.

One more reason on why hire a digital marketing agency.

If you want to do it yourself, remember that you will also need a series of tools to facilitate your work.

For example, these tools include video editing or design software.

Alternatively, you can hire an in-house person (paying him a salary with legal benefits), a freelancer or hire a digital marketing agency.

The cost of a person you hire cannot be lower than the minimum wage plus legal benefits.

This implies about 2 million pesos (COP) at the time of writing this article in Colombia with the probability of increasing each year.

The cost of a freelance professional can be more affordable.

Although as a result, you lose a lot of control that you might have with a person you lead.

Additionally, remember that in this case you will only be paying for 1 service at a time (content creation).

Marketing strategy

Excellent, we already have a website, we have social networks and we have graphic content to publish both on the site and on social networks.

But right now you are only using 10% of your tools.

Now, we must ensure that these tools work for the same purpose and that is achieved by developing a digital strategy.

Another reason why hire a digital marketing agency.

The development of a digital strategy is important since it is the compass that indicates if we are on the right path.

It is an effective tool to take advantage of the most important resource you get with your website and social networks: data.

In this case, another skill comes into play and that is to be able to extract valuable data from your site, such as the number of visitors.

For that we need a person who knows web analytics.

At this point you are already starting your marketing machine.

And perhaps you have had to hire 2 or 3 of the mentioned services: web development, design, analytics and strategy.

As a result, you must be the person responsible for ensuring that these resources work efficiently, articulated and harmoniously.

It may sound like a lot of work, or it may not, but in reality, it does turn out to be a lot of work for most entrepreneurs and companies in Colombia, for whom founding and running their business takes a long time.

For these and some other reasons, at this time it is ideal to hire a professional accompaniment if you want to grow.

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