What is the ideal hosting for entrepreneurs?

ideal hosting for entrepreneurs

What is the ideal hosting for entrepreneurs?

Do you want to launch your first site but you don’t know which hosting to buy? We help you choose the ideal hosting for entrepreneurs.

Before choosing your hosting you must be clear about the type of site you are going to host on it.

Likewise, you should have a rough idea of ​​the type of growth you hope to have.

What is your type of website?

When we talk about your type of website we are talking about the use that you are going to give to your website.

Here’s what each type of site is about.

Basic website

We call a basic website a page without complicated functionalities, a site whose sole purpose is to present your services.

These types of pages are very common and are usually made up of several internal pages and 1 contact page.


An e-commerce, as you can deduce from its name, is a page dedicated to selling products or services.

The main characteristic of an e-commerce is the possibility of making payments through the same page.


A marketplace is an e-commerce that allows different sellers to offer their products and services.

Landing Page

A landing page is a single page site that aims to capture potential customer data.

The ideal hosting for entrepreneurs

Now that you find yourself a little better position around the types of websites out there, let’s talk about the ideal hosting for entrepreneurs.

The basics

There are 3 things that every web page needs today for its operation:

  • A hosting
  • A domain
  • An SSL certificate

Almost all hosting providers offer you these 3 products but in most cases are sold separately.

However, the ideal hosting for entrepreneurs should offer you free SSL certificates.

When you are an entrepreneur, every penny counts and today it is feasible to have your site up and running, and indexed with a free SSL.

What you need according to your type of site

When creating a basic website you only need the three things mentioned above.

With these three things you can have a basic website and you can get them from practically any provider.

Below you can find some providers that we recommend and others that we do not recommend as much.

When you are about to create a site with a payment gateway (e-commerce or marketplace), you must be more careful.

You must bear in mind that a hosting is an accommodation, think of this service as a warehouse.

The more products you have, the more “storage” space you need, since images always tend to take up considerable space.

What is really useful

There are other series of services and products that substantially improve the performance of your website, here we mention only a few that we consider relevant.

CDN (Content Delivery Network), is a network of servers that host your page in different parts of the world.

This effect makes your page load faster regardless of the location of your customers.

We believe that the ideal hosting for entrepreneurs should offer you this service.

Unlimited databases, refers to databases to store information from web pages.

They are useful when you need to create a development subdomain, either to test new features or offer other services.

Collaborators, this functionality allows you to add people who can help you with administrative tasks.

This avoids having to share your hosting key with several people since they enter with their own username.

What makes an ideal hosting for entrepreneurs.

Customer service, it seems like a minor detail or one that should be taken for granted, but it is not the case.

Many hosting administrative tasks require some technical knowledge, for which we recommend hiring an agency.

However, if you don’t have an agency, the service your hosting provider offers you will make all the difference.

List of ideal hosting providers for entrepreneurs.

Siteground – It is our recommended provider, in addition to having all the options mentioned above, its customer service is first class.

BlueHost – It is one of those recommended by the WordPress team with excellent administration options and customer service.
Inmotion Hosting – It has several of the aforementioned functionalities and a costs only a little lower.
2MHost – It is inexpensive and can be a good option for a basic website.

Hosting that Epic does NOT recommend

GoDaddy – It is the best known of the list however its customer service is quite limited. Many of the administrative tasks require you to pay for an expert that they offer and each improvement, such as an SSL certificate or a CDN has an additional cost, so you can end up paying more than in the previous three options.

We hope this article has been useful to you and now you have a better idea about the ideal hosting for entrepreneurs.

If you have any questions, we invite you to write to us, if you want to learn more about digital marketing please register to our newsletter.



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