Ideal domain for SMEs or entrepreneurs, how to choose it

ideal domain for SMEs or entrepreneurs

How to choose the ideal domain for SMEs or entrepreneurs

The ideal domain for SMEs or entrepreneurs is the way your clients will find you, in our case it is epicbrands.co.

We chose this domain name as we are a bilingual agency that sells its services in both English and Spanish.

We want entrepreneurs and SMEs who value brand building to find an ally in us.

As you can see, choosing the ideal domain for SMEs or entrepreneurs is not something that should be left to chance.

It should be done with a business intention or goal in mind.

Should my domain be the name of my company?

Not necessarily, although if your SME already has some recognition among your clients, the answer is yes.

This is because, most likely, when searching for your company on Google, your customers will search for that name.

If you are starting a company, we recommend taking into account your Value Promise.

Is your Value Promise described in your company’s name? Is your Value Promise your main differential?

There are business models in which the Value Promise is highly relevant to search, for example: cheap tickets.

If this is the case in your business, it may be a good idea for your domain to contain this key word.

This will make your site very easy to find in search engines and you will gain positions easily.

What is the ideal domain extension for SMEs or entrepreneurs?

The most recognized domain extension is .com, however, with the explosion of websites, it is increasingly difficult to find an available .com domain.

There are localized domains such as .co for Colombia or .uk for the United Kingdom.

This can be a great option when you offer your services to a territory or when you want to publicize your location.

Today there are domain extensions that indicate the intention of the site such as .shop, .academy or .org.

These domains can be obtained at great cost and may add a good memorability.

Domain memorability is key to any business, so you must also know your ideal customers well.

Is it easy for them to remember a domain like .shop?

Can I use special characters in my domain?

We recently created a website for the Pueblito Español hotel in Carmen de Apicalá, for which the pueblitoespañol.com domain was acquired.

This resulted in two challenges to solve:

When copying and pasting the url from a browser, a code called PUNYCODE is generated, which can cause trust issues in clients.

Some mail clients may have configuration problems with it.

However, in all other features, the domain with the special character “ñ” works fine.

On this subject, we recommend this article by Flor Peña.

Finally, the ideal solution was to buy 2 domains (pueblitoespanol.com and pueblitoespañol.com), using pueblitoespanol.com as the main domain.

In this way, the first problem mentioned was solved, which was the one that presented the most challenges for the client.

Memorability was also preserved by redirecting the domain with “Ñ”.

The ideal domain for SMEs or entrepreneurs, conclusions.

The ideal domain for SMEs or entrepreneurs should be easy to remember for your ideal clients.

If you have special characters, a good practice is to buy more than one domain.

There are domain extensions that can make the purchase cheaper and generate a better remembrance.

You should consider whether you want to be remembered for the name of the company or its Value Promise.



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