Chrisandras Store Website Eng

A website for a very traditional client in the United States.

Jackie is an individual from the United States who has had her physical arts and crafts store in the Connecticut region for many years. She came to us looking to relaunch her website; however, she expressed her desire to have a simple website that could be managed by an elderly person, which is her case, with little technical knowledge.

WordPress is the solution

WordPress is a platform designed for individuals with little technical knowledge to manage their website. Jackie wanted to have the ability to manually add courses that are taught in her store, so by simply adding a plugin, we were able to assist her.

Our team took care of providing her with a short training on its usage through a pre-recorded video, which successfully conveyed the process of updating her website.

100% Responsive.

Additionally, the development was fast yet aligned with current trends. This is a great example of why there are no excuses for not having a modern website that serves as a channel to drive the growth of any business.

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