Image, Website and Launch Campaign DB Solution.

An image that reflects the vision of a growing company.

* Video created and edited by Epic.

Db Solution is a company of Chilean origin that specializes in solutions for Databases and that has grown to become one of the first companies in Latin America with the ability to work with different web service providers such as Amazon, IBM or Microsoft.

This growth means the need to expand and with it the need for an image that reflects the new essence of a mature company, with a global reach and with a high appreciation for human talent.

Creation and execution go hand in hand.

In the digital age, creation and execution must practically coexist. Having created the new corporate image of DB Solution and being co-managers of its brand personality, we managed to carry out the process of image redesign, design of corporate pieces, design, layout and development of website, digital marketing strategy and  launch campaign, in addition to the creation and editing of the new corporate video and other administrative tasks such as the optimization of social networks in 4 months.

We changed and we have to tell it ...

Yes, DB Solution is technology, but more than technology it is made of people who day by day give their best to build the future, optimistic people with adaptability and an analytical vision of the technological tools that today support and make our society.

... giving an entrance to our services.

Having a clear brand personality, it is easier to create campaigns that maintain a visual unity and remain within the tone of the brand while creatively revealing other aspects of the company, in this case its ability to work with various cloud services.

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