Website and Digital Marketing for Digidata de Colombia.

Modern times for a true pioneer in the field of software.

For a company with more than 40 years of experience in software development, Digidata was used to outdated marketing methods that rarely saw their own website as a live, active tool.

The first thing we did was a revamp of the website design which in turn led to the creation of a new language that included redesigning product logos and handling digital marketing from then on.

A new language

In our first approach to the image management of Digidata de Colombia, we developed messages that were easier to understand, as well as iconographies that allowed us to communicate more with less.

During the development, a digital marketing strategy was created in parallel in order to define the keywords with which the search engine optimization (SEO) was carried out at the same time as the site was developed.

Let's communicate from day 1

By creating the website and the marketing strategy, we were able to easily connect social media executions, which has made us a Digidata ally in managing social media and paid campaigns over the last year.

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