Image and Website for Temporal Activa

We are a super passionate team and we want to show it.

Old Brand Image

Temporal Activa stands out for its high collaborative spirit and, as its name says, for being actively thinking about the well-being and happiness of its employees.

However, her website showed something different, so they called us. We responded with full brand advice and made the recommendation to also update her image, which they accepted.

A much more active image.

We wanted to intervene in the image in such a way that it would better reflect the name, which also represents the essence, of the company.
The 4 characters were kept and movement was added through the sizes, which denote growth, and also by adding a softening on the vertices, making them more rounded and giving them movement at the waist, as a symbol of having an upright chest.

New Brand Image

The font was updated to a sans serif and italic font with anti-aliased corners following the same logic as the characters.

Brand Update and website in a short time.

The website was updated using the new image and now Temporal Activa has a better digital presence that reflects the company’s values and a modern image to project their company to new markets. You can see their website here.

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