Laboratorio Control Microbiológico Eng


Being the reference laboratory in the region, the Control Microbiológico Laboratory has served as a training place for many professionals who have grown to offer their own services. But what happens when a rival begins to present themselves as you? The image of an established business can easily be used to mislead customers and literally steal market share. A solid image and a current digital presence ready to open its service channels, ensures that the client does not have any confusion when choosing.


The first thing we did for the lab was a small image makeover, enough to make sure we generated more remembrance against the long name of the company. Thus, we adapted the Petri dish inspired by the logo, to resemble the letter C, alluding to the name Control, which differentiates it from other laboratories, to seek to be recognized simply as the Control Laboratory.


After updating the image, we built a strategy focused on communicating our professionalism and the reasons for our leadership, as well as the settling direct communication channels with the client. By establishing a clear image and building trust, you have a responsibility to help your clients do their jobs better and with more peace of mind through content.
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