Digital Marketing for entrepreneurs, where do I start?

Digital Marketing for entrepreneurs, where do I start?

Hello entrepreneur friends, confronting the fact that so many of you are always looking for ways of being able to carry out your projects, and aware that the entrepreneurial spirit is the same, but the pocket is different, we have decided to start a series of publications in which we will tell you everything, yes everything, what we know about digital marketing for entrepreneurs.

Why do we want to tell you all about digital marketing for entrepreneurs? Because, although we are a digital agency that seeks to help you meet your objectives, we know that as an entrepreneur you are a curious person and you want to know exactly what you are going to get into, before hiring any service, and we understand you, after all our budget as entrepreneurs is also limited and precious, and precisely if there is something good about digital marketing is that, if you do it well, you can track every dollar you invest and even better, every dollar that returns.

Where do I start?

The digital world is undoubtedly a revolution and if we want to survive as entrepreneurs we cannot do it without having a space in the place where all the worlds attention is located today: internet.

This surely has already been said to you, but we want to emphasize in the fact that a website is not just something that you have to have and maintain and that after a while becomes an expense, when you look at it from the best perspective, having a website is the equivalent of renting a premise, adapting it and beginning to sell in the physical world, only that the maintenance cost is not even a tenth part.

We also want to remind you that marketing in itself involves corporate image building work, in this case, a domain and a website of your own are synonymous of seriousness and convey trust which creates a positive first image on your customers.

Additionally, having a website allows you to create corporate email accounts, which ensures more efficient and relaxed communication with your customers.

Where do I start with my web page?

Now that you know that digital marketing for entrepreneurs and for every company begins with a website, we want to guide you a little about the choices you have according to your budget , time and level of code experience.

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If you continue here, it means you need a website, so I’m going to start with the options moving up as the cost goes up. </ p>

There are 3 basic things you need to have a website:

  1. A host, which is the name given to the company that hosts your site’s files.
  2. A custom domain or custom domain which in our case is www.epicbrands.co , is the name of your page.
  3. A developer.

The first two are available from USD $ 3.75 in package (hosting + domain) for one year, which is around COP $ 112,000 a year at the time of publishing this article.

The provider we currently work with and with which we have felt the most peace of mind is siteground.com , following the link you will see a list of their prices and plans. In general, the most renowned hosting providers are a safe option.

Let’s talk about the developer.

When we refer to a developer, we are referring to the person who will make the technical configuration of your website and to do that there are options that do not include another person different from you.

Do you need a website? Why not do it yourself? It is the slogan of one of the platforms that is reaching the greatest popularity these days called wix.com .

In Wix, similar to wordpress.com (not to be confused with wordpress.org ) you can create a free page but you have to buy your custom domain with them, this is a fairly inexpensive option, since although domains usually cost a little Plus, you don’t need any technical knowledge to get your website on the air.

The trade-offs of these platforms are many, especially the time it may take to customize everything to you, however, if you simply need a site as a presentation and it doesn’t bother you Being limited in design and functionalities (such as virtual store, sliders, integrations with other applications), you can handle a very good digital marketing for entrepreneurs from these pages.

In general they tend to offer you a very low cost of entry but they tend to be more expensive when you have to buy more space or when you need to integrate applications that may be free in another way.

In what other ways?

Glad you asked. In general, these other forms refer to the development area itself, where I am going to include developments through CMSs and custom developments, since both fit into the description of self-hosted sites, that is, you host in an account to your name or your company.

CMS is the abbreviation of the English Content Management System which translates: Content Management System.

Of these the most recognized undoubtedly is wordpress.org. CMSs are open source programs that serve as a platform to create websites or applications.

They were created in order to give users without technical code knowledge the ability to make adjustments to the content of their page, adjustments such as replacing images or changing paragraphs of text or colors, however, before you can do it you need someone to set up your site or learn how to do it yourself.

CMSs have allowed developers to sell web designs, so you can buy what they call a “template”, buy your hosting account and domain, configure your CMS and start making the changes yourself, by the way, there are literally thousands of free themes.

We love wordpress because we find it more intuitive, especially for people who tend to be more visual, but there are other excellent options like Joomla or Drupal. </ p>

Exploring this path is all new and very satisfying terrain, however it takes a long time, so you should consider how much of your own time as an entrepreneur you want to invest in developing your own page.

From here on what follows are custom developments, in which costs begin to rise, however, we hope this article has helped you find a way to start with the digital marketing of your company, you already know why you need a website and the options you have to get it.

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