Domain and Hosting

In order to have a live website it is necessary to have a domain name and a hosting account. The first one is the address where your customers will find you, in our case it is, your domain name may have different endings of which the most recognized is ".com", and its main purpose is to be memorable.

On the other hand, a hosting account is the space dedicated to host the website files, such as code files, images and other resources. Since these two elements are the most important for your site, it is best that you always have access to them, so we recommend buying them directly.

Our Recommended Hosting

Although it is possible to buy a domain name with one company and a hosting account with another, we recommend that you get both with just one provider. After exploring various options, we believe that the best option for our clients is:

Somos una agencia constructora de marcas en el entorno digital, usamos técnicas de neuromarketing y herramientas digitales para sacar el máximo provecho de la tecnología disponible y así hacer crecer negocios.

We are a brand building agency in the digital environment, we use neuromarketing techniques and digital tools to take full advantage of the available technology and thus grow businesses.