Digital marketing for entrepreneurs, I already have a website, what do I do now?

You have just seen the last adjustments of your site and after a few good days of work on it you are finally about to launch it on the air, the question that arises then is: I already have a website, what do I do now?

In a last installment we talked about how your website is a cost that, like all costs, should give you revenue, especially since this is the first and probably the most important investment you are going to make to start your business.

So it is better that your site begins to be that place on the internet where people who have problems that you can solve begin to arrive, so at this moment the most important thing is to start looking for traffic for your site.

Where do I start to get traffic to my site?

The most obvious answer is your close circle, start using your social networks so that your family and friends can see your website and ask them to recommend it.

While telling all your friends and family about your website doesn’t assure you that you’re going to start getting customers, you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity simply by not telling the people around you, but then where do I start to attract customers?

Here I would like to ask you a question, in the middle of 2021 when you, an entrepreneur, have doubts about anything you need to buy, what is the first thing you do?… Search in Google.

In a way, Google has become the WOM (Word of Mouth) of our time, there we can know everything about a product, a service, a company is even a person.

So the concrete answer to the thought: I already have a website, now what do I do? It would be: Position yourself in Google. This in practice is what is known as S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization) or Search Engine Optimization.

How do I optimize my website so Google will find me?

While search engine optimization feeds off many digital marketing activities, it primarily thrives on a marketing strategy.

Talking about a digital marketing strategy can be material for a whole new series of blog posts, however here we will touch on two of the points in a digital strategy that in our opinion are the ones that can best help you make better use of your site web from today.

The first is to know your clients very well, and in this space we refer to the people who are already buyers of your products or services, a good idea is to conduct an interview with current clients to know primarily the problems they had before reaching your solution and why they decided on it.

Now, we do not intend to tell you that this survey marks the direction that your digital strategy should take, but it is a tool to obtain real information that can be useful for potential clients and combine it with the added values ​​that your company has.

In any marketing strategy, customer knowledge is extremely valuable, so it doesn’t hurt to go for a red wine, make a call or just send a few emails.

The second important point comes from the first and is to be able to identify the keywords through which you want to position yourself in Google.

These keywords by nature must include the name of your company and the name of your products or services, however the true essence of these keywords is in the problems that your customers have.

Suppose you have to move from home or office and you need a freight, at that moment you have a problem and you have to start considering your possibilities, so it is likely that at that moment you will Google something like: “The best freight companies” or “quick options to change your office”.

In any case, if we side with the entrepreneur who has a freight business, the best thing to do would be to appear in Google searches for those same terms: “quick options to change your office”.

Note that in this case we are not mentioning brands, we are simply trying to help a person make the best decision for them regarding their problem.

A parenthesis.

This brings us to one of the pillars by which digital marketing is being so important for entrepreneurs today and that is that thanks to the variety of formats and channels you can give all the arguments you consider necessary for a successful sale, extending as much as possible.

Before, you paid millions for 30 seconds on television, today with a much lower investment you can give a whole list of benefits, benefits and qualities of your product that are left for public consultation, that is why the next pillar of a digital strategy, on which we will talk about soon, is the development of content.

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Following the objective of answering the question: I already have a website, what do I do now? We want to go back to the previous example and recommend that you follow the example of the owner of the freight company, who seeks to appear first when people search for: “The best freight companies” or “quick options to change your office”.

This is when it is important to develop a list of keywords (keywords) thinking about: How would your customers search for your services? And what are your differential benefits? and start writing blog articles around being keywords.

With this you will not get sales from one day to the next, but you will take the first step to build a solid brand using the power of digital marketing for entrepreneurs, and begin to position yourself as an authority on your topic, thus getting to appear on the first pages search in Google.

If you manage to build the blog habit, and maintain it for at least 3 months we can get into the matter of managing statistics, objectives and investment returns, but first you must start storing visit data on your site and make the people who they really need you to find you easily on Google.

Of course you can always pay ads to appear first in searches, but what you cannot ignore is the inspiration that your customers problems can give you when searching for your keywords (words that you also need for any type of digital advert).

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