Image and Website GoodWilArt

A complete image development.

GoodWilArt is the dream of a great friend of ours, who after living for many years in the city of London, decided to return to his country of origin, Ecuador, and dedicate himself to living his dream, art.

However, the path of the solitary entrepreneur is difficult and many times it is not known where to start, fortunately the good Wilo counted on us.

Image Creation

The first thing was to think of a name for the art, if you come from reading the paragraph above you will already know that our friend’s name is Wilo, based on the a recollection of information with his friends, about what they thought of Wilo as a person, we noticed that everyone took him as a good friend, hence the name GoodWilArt.

E-Commerce Development

The next step was the development of a website that would be able to offer and sell Wilo’s art, here again the power of WordPress and Woocommerce allowed us a fast and attractive development that became operational in just 1 month.

Somos una agencia constructora de marcas en el entorno digital, usamos técnicas de neuromarketing y herramientas digitales para sacar el máximo provecho de la tecnología disponible y así hacer crecer negocios.

We are a brand building agency in the digital environment, we use neuromarketing techniques and digital tools to take full advantage of the available technology and thus grow businesses.