Insbuilt Project

From EPIC to the Cloud.

Insbuilt is a Startup dedicated to taking projects to the cloud, however, in its early stage, like many startups, it needed expert hands to take its own project to the cloud, that’s why it trusted EPIC. Thus, we managed to put your site on the air in record time, making sure to meet the requirements of your brand and design team led by friends from Producciones Frescas.

Functional design.

To improve the experience with a simple website for people who are short on time, the design team asked us to add the manners functionality to the home page, manners that should work on any device.

Responsive Design

Same as in many projects, the Insbuilt website was designed to work with each of its requirements on any device, once again WordPress made it possible in record time.

Somos una agencia constructora de marcas en el entorno digital, usamos técnicas de neuromarketing y herramientas digitales para sacar el máximo provecho de la tecnología disponible y así hacer crecer negocios.

We are a brand building agency in the digital environment, we use neuromarketing techniques and digital tools to take full advantage of the available technology and thus grow businesses.