Website Valores Productivos

Financial startup.

Valores Productivos is a financial Startup and, by its nature, required certain security standards, such as the ability to manage the people who enter the site one by one, and the facility for administrators to be accountable to shareholders and investors.

When the Back is more important than the Front.

Despite not having a very robust front-end interface, Valores Financieros requires a reliable infrastructure to be managed in the backend.

The managers’ first point of contact is usually verbal, as the intention is to attract investors known to the shareholders, but immediately the entire process is digital.

How did we help?

We installed an additional functionality on the site that allows the admin to receive entry request emails from future investors, this allows the administrator to verify that the person should receive access and allows him to grant it.

Somos una agencia constructora de marcas en el entorno digital, usamos técnicas de neuromarketing y herramientas digitales para sacar el máximo provecho de la tecnología disponible y así hacer crecer negocios.

We are a brand building agency in the digital environment, we use neuromarketing techniques and digital tools to take full advantage of the available technology and thus grow businesses.