What is digital marketing and how does it work.

What is digital marketing and how does it work

What is digital marketing and how does it work.

Do you want to know what is digital marketing and how does it work, here we’ll explain what you need to have a basic understanding.

What is digital marketing.

We call digital marketing all activities aimed at attracting customers carried out on the internet.

These activities are framed within a general strategy that seeks to meet clear and understandable objectives for everyone.

Some of these activities are:

1. Development of a website:

A website is the best marketing tool for those who want to be part of today’s economy.

In a world connected by the internet, having a website shows commitment just like renting a space.

A company or person willing to invest money in their business is the first indicator of seriousness.

Likewise, the amount to invest in a domain and hosting is usually too low not to do it.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

You may have come across the acronym “SEO” while searching for resources on what digital marketing is and how does it work.

SEO is the acronym for “Search Engine Optimization”.

So, what is a search engine?

It is a page that helps you search the internet, the most renowned being: Google.

SEO is the work of making your page appear in the first results.


3. Lead capture:

Lead capture is achieved by exchanging value content for prospects or potential customer data.

The capture of this data (primarily name and email), helps to confirm interest and to maintain direct communication.


4. Content creation / Social media management:

Content creation is related to social media management, social media is the content distribution channel.

This content can be any message in different formats like JPG, GIF, Blog Article, PDF, Video or Audio.

The really important thing about content is that it is useful for people who may be interested in buying from you.

5. Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is closely related to capturing leads, since we must have the prospect’s mail.

The content of each email must be useful, in many cases valuable content is used to encourage an action.

Value content is a type of content that is worth exchanging your data for.

For example, the annual report on consumer behavior in your market niche.

These offers are sent by email aiming to know if there’s interest from the prospect and invite him/her to make a purchase.


6. Paid Ads:

As the name implies, paid ads is advertising that’s paid to digital media.

These media might be search engines (Google), social networks, or independent websites.

These ads have the advantage of being easily segmented in order to ensure that they reach the audience we want.

That is why many companies base their digital marketing on creating ads.

How does digital marketing works.

One of the best analogies and also a widely used technique is to think of digital marketing as a funnel.


what is digital marketing and how does it work

The content serves to attract visitors and keep them captive.

In turn, using “value content” seeks to convert those visitors into prospects.

Then we can nurture these prospects through direct contact or emails, seeking to convert them into customers.

This way, in each one of these steps, metrics  that usually give very accurate results can be identified.

And this is how digital marketing works in order to attract customers.

As you can see, it is a process with a defined structure that must be adapted to the specific case of each company.

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