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A one stop for companies that want a better experience in managing their digital marketing projects at a cost aligned with modern times.

  • Advice on brand redirection, if you consider it necessary.
  • Creation of all the applications needed for your corporate image in pieces that we will define together, these can be: letterheads, envelopes, social networks, brochures, business cards, among others.
  • Website redesign if the client considers it necessary or implementation of strategic improvements, such as visitor tracking, facebook pixels, content update, etc.
  • From day one we will create a DIGITAL STRATEGY that will be updated monthly, this strategy is a prerequisite before creating any content.
  • Social networks and website management including: maintenance works, content update and new content posting.
  • Social networks posts that can be distributed by networks or published on all networks in the quantity agreed month by month.
  • Blog posts to help increase SEO positions.
  • On site SEO according to the proposed strategy.
  • Sending emails to contacts captured through the website seeking to keep them engaged.
  • Management of paid advertising campaigns in Google Ads and/or Social Networks per month, including design, writing, publication and programming of the ads. It does not include the amount destined for advertising in social networks or search engines, this amount is paid directly to each platform, for this the client must have an active credit card.
  • Incorporation of analytics on the website for visits and campaigns tracking.
  • Monthly management reports.

You will have the support of as many designers, developers, writers and project managers as needed by project, exclusively responsible for your creative requests.

If you need content production services, like photography or filming, or need a special development request, we've got you covered.


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Esta guía te ayudará a entender cada uno de los costos importantes relacionados con la  creación y el mantenimiento al aire de una página web que genere clientes potenciales.

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