Starter Subscription

Basic organic reach
$499 Month
  • Branding strategy
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Website improvements
  • Website management
  • Social media management
  • SEO
  • 15 social media posts
  • 2 blog articles
  • Email marketing (up to 2.000 contacts)
  • Paid campaigns management (up to 2)
  • Analytics
  • Reports
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Starter Subscription

It is our most basic subscription, it includes everything that an entrepreneur, small or medium company needs when seeking to enter the digital age, and make the most out of their website, this is:

A branding strategy:

We will describe a communication tone, both written and visual for your brand, analyze your competition and guide you towards building an epic brand.

A Digital Marketing strategy:

We will put you in the right direction by creating a digital marketing strategy that will point out your ideal customers, the ideal keywords around which your content will be created, the ideal channels to use, among other useful information.

Website improvements:

A website must be constantly improved to ensure its proper functioning, to add features requested by customers or improvements planned in advance.

We will have an initial meeting in which you and Epic will agree on the improvements to be implemented in the month to have a clear idea of what the site will look like and what it’ll be able to do at the end of the subscription period.

Website management:

We will take care of the technical tasks involved in the proper functioning of your website for you.

Social media management:

We will manage your social networks while we implement the described strategies.


We will use the strategy as a guide to optimize your site for search engines like Google.

15 social media posts:

We will create 15 posts aligned with the strategies described, these can be JPG, PNG, GIF files, or short videos of no more than 10″ length. This posts may also lead to campaign based landing pages where we’ll capture prospects using the inbound methodology.

2 blog posts:

We will create 2 blog articles focused on improving SEO.


We will connect your site with Google Analytics and analyze the data from both, this platform and social networks, to determine the fulfillment of the marketing goals and new actions to take.


About the results returned by the analytics tools.


At Epic we are brand builders for the digital age, in it, not only having a website and presence in social networks are important, it is also important to have a voice, a personality and an image of your own, therefore, in addition to having our advice whenever you need it, you can choose one of these 4 options on a monthly basis:

1. If you want to refresh your brand **, it includes:

  • Logo redesign.
  • (Optional) creation of up to 5 applications of your image in corporate pieces that we will define together, these can be: letterheads, envelopes, social networks, brochures, business cards, among others.

2. If you don't want to refresh it:

Creation of up to 1 corporate piece that we will define together, this can be: letterhead, envelope, social network, brochure, business card, among others.

3. If you ALREADY have a WEBSITE:

Website redesign if the client considers it necessary or implementation of strategic improvements, such as visitor tracking, facebook pixels, content update, etc.

4. If you DO NOT have a WEBSITE:

We'd recommend checking out our Epic Site plan, before buying this subscription.

  • From day one we will create a DIGITAL STRATEGY that will be updated monthly, this strategy is a prerequisite before creating any content.
  • 15 social media posts that can be distributed by networks or published on all networks as agreed month by month**.
  • 2 Blog articles to help increase SEO positions.
  • On site SEO according to the proposed strategy.
  • Incorporation of analytics on the website to track visits and campaigns.
  • Monthly management reports.

You will have the support of 1 project coordinator in charge of keeping track of your work, 1 technology leader in charge of back end tasks, 1 designer and 1 copywriter in charge of your creative needs. This team is not an exclusive team but it will always be ready answer your requests and will respond within a maximum of 24 hours.

If you stay with us for 6 continuous months we will create 1 value content, that may be: 1 downloadable PDF, 1 Video of up to 30" or any other content of a similar development time, with its respective landing page for download, aiming to create a periodic capture of leads.

* Our plans do not include the purchase of domain and/or hosting for the website, the client must purchase these 2 products for at least 1 year with the company of their choice, our recommendation being: Siteground.


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